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Fiber Optic Receiver
Single Channel Baseband FM

TRANSPORT 1101-X-X-VDA2 fiber optic receiver (Rx) provides capacity to receive one full motion video, multiple audio and a high speed data carrier on one fiber strand.

The TR1101-X-X-VDA2 fiber optic receiver supports broadcast quality full motion video performance over a 13 dB optical path loss (operating at 1310 nm). Each TR1101 receiver features an internal FM demodulator which converts the transport IF carrier back to direct baseband video and audio outputs.

An Auxiliary RF port also delivers a "T" channel carrier to the appropriate external RF modem for connection of fax signals, control data or high speed 10 Mbps data.

Mounting Options

The TR1101-X-X-VDA2 is available in a rack (H-R-VDA2) style and a wall (N-R-VDA2) style. See operation parameters for dimensions.

The TR1101-UR universal rack is a 5u high 19² housing that accommodates a power supply module and up to (10) TR1101 ³H² style fiber optic transmitters and receivers.

TR1101-N-R-VDA type fiber optic receivers are rugged stand-alone units typically located at the customer premise. The 3² x 5² x 10² package can be shelf, wall or desk mounted and includes a power transformer eliminating the need for equipment racks at all locations.


Video Connector: 75 Ohms BNC
Audio Connector: 600 W balanced terminal block
RF Auxiliary Connector: 75 W "F" type
RF Return Loss, dB: 16
Video Bandwidth: 20 Hz to 4.5 MHz
Audio Bandwidth: 20 Hz to 15 kHz
RF Auxiliary Bandwidth: 15 to 30 MHz, T9 or T10
Video Output Level: 1.0 Vpp typ
Audio Output Level: 1.0 Vrms typ
RF Aux. Output Level: 24 dBmV Nominal
Wavelength, nm: 1200-1600
Optical Connectors: FC, FC-APC, SC, SC-APC or ST


Optical path Loss: 13 dB
Video SNR, dB: 60 min, 62 typ (NTSC weighting)
Bar Amplitude: 95 to 105 IRE
     Sync Amp. (%BAR): 35 to 42
     Burst Amp. (%Sync): 95 to 105
     Burst Amp. (%BAR): 36 to 44
Line Time Distortion, %: 0 to 2
Chrom.Luminous Gain: 93 to 107
Differential Phase: 2.5 degrees max
Differential Gain: 5% typ, 8% max
Luminous Non-Linearity: 4% typ, 8% max

Audio SNR, dB: 45 min, 52 typ (unweighted)
T.H.D @ 1.2 kHz: 0.5% max

Operation Parameters

     "N" Style brick 2.90" x 4.60" x 10.00"
     "H" Style module 1.00" x 5.00" x 9.00"
     "H" TR1101-UR rack 5.25" x 12.00" x 19.00"
Operating Temp: degrees C: -10 to 50
Power Consumption: 15 Watts per unit
Power Source:
     "N" Style brick 85 to 132 VAC, 47-400 Hz
     "H" TR1101-UR rack
       85 to 132 VAC, 47-400 Hz
      170 to 265 VAC, 47-400 Hz

Universal Rack & Power Supply Module

TR1101-UR        10 slot rack
TR1000-PS-17   117 VAC power supply
TR1000-PS-22   220 VAC power supply

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