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Fiber Optic Transmitter
Multichannel RF AM

TRANSPORT 2100-77XX-860-R17 optical transmitter (Tx) provides high bandwidth, multi-service transmission over single mode fiber.

TR2100 transmitters launch from a high power 1310 nm Distributed Feedback (DFB) laser diode. The transmitter circuitry maintains closed loop control of the laser temperature and the output power bias. An optical isolator insures peak performance by protecting the laser from optical reflections in the transmission path.

Model Options

The TR2100-77XX--860-R17 Tx is available in a rack mount style only. See general information for dimensions.

Multiple TR2100 model options are available to allow the proper cost, functionality and performance level to be selected for the application. These include five levels of optical output power and up to 110 channel transmission capacity:

  • TR2100-7715 110 channels 16+ mW Output
  • TR2100-7713 110 channels 10+ mW Output
  • TR2100-7709 110 channels 6 mW Output
  • TR2100-7705 110 channels 4 mW Output

All of these basic models are also available with:

  • 860 MHz transmission bandwidth
  • 117 VAC or 220 VAC
  • Customer specified optical connectors
  • 1.75" high 19" rack mount packaging
  • LCD Status Display

RF Connector: 75 Ohms"F" type
Test Point, dB: -20, "F" type connector
RF Return Loss, dB: 16
Bandwidth, MHz: 40 to 860, 1.5dB
Wavelength, nm: 1310+/-20
Optical Connectors: FC, FC-APC, SC, SC-APC
Operating Temp.°C: 10 to 50
Power Consumption: 35 Watts
Power Source:
    103 to 126 VAC, 50-60 Hz
    206 to 252 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Dimension: 1.75" x 17.0" x 19.0"

*BNI recommends connectors with >40dB optical return loss.
*ST connectors are not recommended for the TR2100 equipment series. 

Operation Levels*

Capacity AM-VSB**
Optical Output
RF Output
Levels dBmV**

* Typical performance - 65.0 dB CTB, 60 dB CSO at specified channel capacity and RF input level. Based on 0dbM optical input to receiver at operational RF output.

Note: Single mode fiber is required for operation of TR2000 Series equipment. Specifications are subject to change for product improvements. 2/03

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