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Integration & Testing

In-house integration and testing services are provided to make the field installation of LANs and WANs virtually trouble-free. Every BNI system is first built and configured at our local facility prior to shipment. It is then "burned in" and tested using specific customer applications. This assures that the network performs in the field according to customer expectation.

Configuration of a network device involves the initialization of internal variables that allow its operation to perform in accordance with the network design criteria. Configuration of devices include Layer 2 behaviors, such as Ethernet switching, bridging, etc., and Layer 3 behaviors, such as routing, NAT, etc. In addition, devices are configured to allow proper management through IP protocols such as Simple Network Management Protocol.


The evaluation process is multifaceted and includes:

  • stressing the network via traffic generation
  • analyzing data flows via packet analysis
  • running real world applications and evaluating their performance
  • burn-in testing
  • manageability and maintainability

This process allows our network engineers to evaluate the device configuration parameters in a real world setting and adjust them if needed before the system leaves our facility. All these actions are taken to ensure that the network design is optimal and that it functions exactly to customer specifications prior to the field installation.


This service is provided strictly to customers who are purchasing a turnkey WAN or LAN from BNI. It is designed to maximize the effectiveness of our field installation team while at the same time minimizing the cost of the field installation services.

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