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Field Installation

BNI's team of highly trained network technicians perform the field installation of both WANs and LANs. In coordination with our Network Operations Center (NOC), this team installs and fully tests the network before it is commissioned by the customer.

Field installation may commence when BNI has received the Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) readings for each of the fiber optic strands to be used. Typically, there will be at least a week between the time the "shots" are received and when our technicians are on site. This time is used both to verify that the OTDRs match the fiber design criteria and to plan the installation schedule, assign tasks and contact each site administrator.BNI ships the network equipment in kits for each of the sites.

The first stage of the installation is to transport the equipment from a central storage location to each of the sites.The fiber optic plant is then power tested, one strand at a time. The actual loss experienced through the fiber is recorded for inclusion in the final system documentation. The fiber provider will have a splice crew on standby during this phase in case fiber errors need to be corrected.Each headend (or hub) is then assembled, and the network transport between the hubs is activated. Finally, each of the remote sites is then connected into its respective hub and remotely tested by BNI's NOC for proper connection and functionality.


Testing of the system during installation guarantees that the system is stable and operating within the same parameters as it had during the integration process. A systems stability will be judged by the absence of log entries related to "unreachable" nodes and devices. It is not necessary to retest traffic loads as the design was proven during its integration phase. The Customer Support Center's ability to monitor and manage all devices is thoroughly tested while the network technicians are on-site. The remote monitoring and maintenance capabilities of our networks are the key to minimizing customer maintenance costs while improving up-time performance.


This service is provided to customers who are purchasing a turn-key WAN or LAN from BNI. Installation services for third party systems may be quoted on a case by case basis and are subject to the scheduled availability of our field installation teams. Please contact a sales representative for more information.

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