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Fiber Optic Transmitter
Single Channel RF TR1101-X-T-T

The TRANSPORT 1101-X-T-T fiber optic transmitter (Tx) provides capacity for one RF channel with a frequency range of 10-220MHz.

The TR1101-X-T-T fiber optic transmitter supports broadcast quality full motion video performance over a 13 dB optical path loss (operating at 1310 nm). The RF channel is then converted to light for transport over single mode fiber (1310nm) to a TR1101 Receiver (Rx) for distribution.

Mounting Options

The TR1101 is available in a rack (H-T-T) style and a wall (N-T-T) style. See operation parameters for dimensions.

The TR1101-UR Universal Rack is a 5u high 19" housing that accommodates a power supply module and up to (10) TR1101 "H" style fiber optic transmitters and receivers.

TR1101-N-T-VDA type fiber optic transmitters are rugged stand-alone units typically located at the customer premise. The 3" x 5" x 10" package can be shelf, wall or desk mounted and includes a power transformer eliminating the need for equipment racks at all locations.

General Video

RF Connector: 75 Ohms "F" connector
RF Return Loss, dB: 16
RF Input Level: +24 dBmV Nominal
Wavelength, nm: 1310+/-20
Optical Connectors: FC, FC-APC, SC, SC-APC or ST
Frequency Range: 10MHz to 220 MHz


Optical path Loss: 13 dB

Operation Parameters

     "N" Style brick 2.90" x 4.60" x 10.00"
     "H" Style module 1.00" x 5.00" x 9.00"
     "H" TR1101-UR rack 5.25" x 12.00" x 19.00"
Operating Temp. degrees C: -10 to 50
Power Consumption: 15 Watts per unit
Power Source:
     "N" Style brick 85 to 132 VAC, 47-400 Hz
     "H" TR1101-UR rack 85 to 132 VAC, 47-400 Hz
     170 to 265 VAC, 47-400 Hz

Note: Single mode fiber is required for operation of TR1101 Series equipment. Specifications are subject to change for product improvements. 5/00 

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